Custom Domain Setup (All images in Bubble doc are broken)

Hi guys,

I’m trying to set up my custom domain, but I’m assuming the instructions on this page: rely on me being able to see the DNS information in the images, but nearly all of the images are not working (broken links).

Can you please fix then and/or point me to where I can find a detailed walk-through for how to set up my custom domain?


And its the same with the " Using a bare domain" section under " Configuring DNS Records for Custom Domains"—the images are all broken.

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I’m trying to setup my custom domain as well and not working. Assuming Im missing some info shown in the images?

@aslen try this: Issues with DNS records value

adding www. before your domain in Bubble

How does that help with the problem I just explained? I can’t see the DNS settings I need because the images in the documentation are broken.

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