Custom domains cannot be used on public applications

Custom domains cannot be used on public applications.


Were we not able to use custom domains in public apps last week?

It was an issue on our end that we fixed today.

Hi there, Not sure exactly how this works sorry but it’s still not fixed.

I meant enabling people to have a domain on a public app was a bug, and we had to fix it.

Oh okay, this was one of the main features I liked about Bubble and have moved much work away from Squarespace because of this.
So can you have a domain in a private app?

That’s correct.

Hi - Looks as though this is happening again. I can’t list a custom domain.


We have a private app, but cannot use the domain and email tab, because it says it is public. Is it a bug ?

Without knowing the app name is very hard to say unfortunately.

How do we switch from PUBLIC back to PRIVATE?

You can do this in the settings tab, General (if you have admin rights)

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thanks, I found it. I am amazing myself, thought i would need nerd help, but bubble forum is awesome and I’m making most changes myself. Thanks

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I’m having this exact same problem in April of 2023.

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Are you getting a specific error? If so, what’s the error saying?


So bug came back, follow from today 05/05

Still seems to be an issue! Anyone know what’s going on here?

I am seeing this issue today, 5/13/2023, can someone from Bubble please help. I followed the guide to buy the domain and …^^

@bubble.helpers @bubble.io3 any help on this?

Is your editor private?