Custom Events within Plausible (Analytics)

Hi there,

I connected my bubble app with the analytics tool called plausible. Problem I am facing is, that I cant set up custom goals as I do have to change the plausible snippet on my site. For integration I am using this app here. Unfortunately I can´t see any feature to change the snippet. I have a one page app, therefore I would need to set up custom goals.

Does anyone facing the same problem?


It looks like the plugin has a “trigger goal” action that should do what you are looking for.

Hi Dorilama,
thanks for you response.
I don´t think it will work as in the doc (Custom event goals | Plausible docs) they say you need to change the snippet in the first place. To set up trigger goal is needed if the goals are set up probabley and to fire them.

read the last section about manually triggering the custom events with javascript, that’s what the plugin is doing.