Custom Field Type help

I’m brand new to Bubble, but not new to programming.

I have a custom data type “house” that contains different fields, like “address”, “color”, “occupied”, and “room”, the last of which has a custom field type which has its own fields “purpose”, “name” and “size”.

I cannot figure out how to associate the “room” with the “house”. (In other words, I would love for the “house” to have a list of “rooms”.) Does there need to be an internal field in “room” that indicates that it’s part of this “house”?

I’m sure that this is simple, but I have been looking around for the past 2 days and cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you!

I usually do two things:

  • Put a field on the house called Rooms, which is a “list of Rooms”
  • Put a field on the specific Room called House, which is a type of House

Thank you! But I still can’t figure out to reference the House from the Room (and vice versa). :frowning: Is there something I’m just not seeing here??

“Current Room’s House” should get you the trick. What are you trying to do, specifically?

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Something that has nothing to do with Houses or Rooms.

But keeping with the metaphor, I have a datatype called Blueprint that has basic layouts for houses. The user chooses one of the Blueprints on the first page (via a search bar), and that prefills half of the input boxes on the page. Then the user changes whatever information they want, adds a list of rooms he wants (which is not part of the Blueprint) and save.

The workflow of the save button simply assigns all of the text boxes on the page to a New House, but the current page is considered a “Blueprint” page, not a “House” page.

Because of your suggestion, I changed it to a House page, and while it’s still not working as desired, I think that this is the right way. I just have tinker a bit more.

Thank you so much for your help, Andrew.