Custom Field Validation Possible?

This is really a broader question about how part of Bubble works, but custom field validation is the example that caused me to realize I wasn’t understanding something. I saw in another post someone asking about the ability to format text entered into an input element, something that is pretty trivial in html/javascript and done all the time on websites. Think, someone entering 8005551212 and when they tab to the next field, it changes to 800-555-1212. I thought, I know I saw regex capabilities in Bubble so this should be easy. So I went to a page I had, threw an input onto the page, set the format to “Text (numbers only)” and then tried to use both conditional formatting and a workflow to take the content in the input and modify it.

I couldn’t. In the conditional formatting interface, there is no property for “value” and in the Workflow editor, I can’t “make a change” to an element. Now, I know if the input was connected to a data thing (table) I could change the underlying data, but in a form where someone is creating something new (create a new account) no thing yet exists.

So my questions are:

  1. Can you access the “value” of something like an input in the conditional formatting tool?
  2. If not, is there a reason it isn’t possible?
  3. Is it possible to modify properties of elements via workflow?
  4. If not, is there a reason it isn’t possible?

Finally, I imagine I am getting caught in the trap of thinking about Bubble as being similar to writing you own html/javascript code, and probably haven’t fully come to terms with the Bubble paradigm (which takes some time) but I would like to understand when an issue is the result of the paradigm shift (you don’t do things in Bubble that way) vs. it just not being something that has been built yet or thought about.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can shed light on this.


I am also struggling with this. Help apprecaited.