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Custom fonts do not work correctly on iOS

I found the Bubble custom font tutorial, and followed it, and successfully uploaded the fonts to my site. Works perfect on desktop.

But, it doesn’t work at all on iOS safari or chrome. I have tried TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 font formats. None of them render on my iphone.

Reading through the forums, it was tough to tell if anyone has been able to implement custom fonts on mobile. If so, can you please share what formats you used?


Can anyone confirm a custom font process that works for iOS?


I’m currently previewing off the editor on mobile and none of the custom fonts are loading.

Does this resolve on launch? Any insight is appreciated.

Try uploading the font libraries in your Live environment, not your Dev environment

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Hey, I just switched my app to live, and uploaded in the live database, but I’m not getting proper functionality to manage the files.

I can’t delete existing fonts, and when I try to upload a new one–using the same process that works in dev database–I get no function on the button press: no error message, no confirmation message, and the pasted link remains in the input.

Have you implemented custom fonts on iOS? Can you confirm a browser that displayed correctly?

Went back and took the live database CSS links and changed the settings, but still no dice.

And now, one of my fonts that was working is not working. Instead I get this mess of characters. Another one of the fonts did the same thing momentarily, then resolved when i navigated back to the page. But that jumble at the bottom should be my font called Tondu-Beta.

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 3.12.51 PM

So now, my custom fonts don’t display, and one of my custom fonts that was working properly is not working. I tried re-uploading the files, recreating the CSS, and nothing is changing it.

I don’t wanna be a complainer but I have wasted a lot of time trying to solve something that can’t be solved with the given tools.

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