Custom Form and Tabulation

I am stuck on a functionality - Letting Users create a Custom Form and then tabulate the form entries in a table view. I have looked at the forums for ideas, and so far gathered the following-

Data Type 1 - Form

  1. Form Title - Text

Data Type 2 - Questions

  1. Related Form Type, - 1.a.
  2. Form Question - Text
  3. Form Answer Type - Dropdown List,
  4. Workflow Answer - Input based on Answer Type

…For tabulation will use Repeating Group.
Any ideas or suggestions?
Thank you


Title (text)

Title (text)
Type (options set: text, number, date, image, file)
Text value (text)
Number value (number)
date (date)
image (image)
file (file)
Location in form entry (number)

Form entry
Title (text)
Form (form)
Fields (list of fields)
Date (date)

In your RG of type field and data source search for fields constraining it to the form entry … set the different input elements vertically in one row (each in a collapsible group when hidden) and conditionally show them depending on the field type. Hide the all and make them visible via custom states.

This should get you started :grinning:

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