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Custom :Formatted as... on Search for

Is it possible to do a custom :Formatted as.,. format on results returned from a Search for?

What I’m trying to do is return a comma separated list with each item between apostrophes. For example, normally the results of a search on a Data Type with a text field of months would be returned as January, February, March. What I want is to format the list as ‘January’, ‘February’, ‘March’ so that I can use dynamic data in a Chart.js HTML iFrame.

Looks like th only options in the :Formatted as… for text is for phone numbers and URL.

Ultimately what I’m trying to do is chart data from Bubble with multiple series on the same chart and have dynamic user controls to adjust what data the user is seeing and different chart options. The Bubble Chart plugin doesn’t look like it allows multiple series and some other options. I also looked into Google Charts but it looks like that requires even more complex data formatting that may be possible with an API which looks more complex.