Custom Formatted Incriminating Auto-Numbers

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I am fairly new to bubble and currently working on a project which requires the use of formatted unique incriminating auto numbers. I have seen a number of form posts regarding auto numbers however none of the appear to have the answer to what I am looking for.

Essentially what I am looking for is, every time a new record is generated I need a auto number to populate in the following format: 19-00001 then increment up from there i.e. 19-00002, 19-00003 etc… for each record. I something like this is possible and If so how would I go about setting that up?

Again, I’m sorry if this has in fact been answered but I cannot seem to find anything similar when searching on google.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I am also interested in this mainly in the fixed length part of the counter. For example:


Any ideas?