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Due to various limitations I’ve encountered with bubble repeating groups, I’ve decided the best solution for creating a table is to use my own custom HTML/CSS/javascript. However I’d still like to use Bubble’s data things… ie. Have an HTML table but populate it’s content uisng “Do a Search for”.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing what I’m trying to do:

As you can see I’ve defined a header column called name, and would like underneath that column to display row by row all the first names in my lead column. The rouble at the moment is, it prints all the first names on one row. like this:

Any ideas/ solutions on how I’d accomplish this?

Add in the of your variable from Bubble (Bubble Entry) <BR>
It’s basic HTML code.

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Thanks for the response, but I don’t see how adding a line break will solve the problem. All it does is insert a line break between First Name and LastName<>. It wouldn’t change the list of Firts Names into individual rows of First Names.
Am I missing something?

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