Custom Image + Video Sider Plugin?

Sup everybody ,

I was wondering if anybody knows a really good and responsive image + video sliders with thumbnail pagination plugin for Bubble io? Right now, I’ve been working on building a custom image slider with thumbnail paginations and a popup with image captions. However, it’s pretty challenging. I have some of the features working but I’m having trouble making it responsive and some other minor issues.

Overall, it may take a while for me to build it properly. Therefore, I’m looking for an off-the-shelf plugin that meets my needs just in case my custom slider isn’t done soon. The plugin that comes closest to what I’m looking for is the “Advanced Image Slider” plugin. The style that I like is the following image below. But there are some features that I need.

  1. I want to be able to display a popup when the image is clicked and with previous + next buttons for paginations and captions for the image.

  2. The slider should be able to display videos

Again, does anyone know a plugin that exists already with these features? (edited)

I think I saw a similar component in the templates marketplace

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What was the name of the component? Do you have a link?

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