Custom plugin for high quality stream with co-host/guest features

Hi there all!

Hope you’re doing well. My namn is Gustav and I run a game show company in Sweden. At the moment our main business is digital events and game shows for groups and corporate clients. Today we use Youtube or Zoom to broadcast the shows and then we have a separate software to manage the content of the show (questions, video, etc).

However, lately I’ve put a lot of work into developing our own software to run shows and create new game show formats (different ways of asking questions). I have used Bubble.

I’m lookin to get a custom (Bubble) plugin built that allows us to do the following.

Be able to:

  • Stream high quality video to a large number of participants (let’s say 500, even though our normal groups are generally smaller).
  • Bring guests into the broadcast (have a plugin action that allows me to click on a button to have that user enter the stream). Ideally host video and guest video would be in different element so that we are totally flexible in how that app could work.
  • Choose or limit the resolution for both host and guests.

We have done tests with the Agora Plugin from Zero Code but it doesn’t fulfill the requirements above. Their streaming component works fine for streaming but there is no co-host feature available. I know that Agora provides such a service but it’s not part of the plugin.

So, would anyone be interested in building such a plugin ?

Kind regards,


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Hi Gustav,

I have a plugin for the Vonage API that would work for this and supports up to 6 co-hosts streaming to a large audience. It’s not a simple ‘1 click’ type plugin and usually takes a day for me to implement. I’ll pm you