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Custom Plugin JavaScript Developer; Expert Level

Hi everyone,

I have a healthy budget for a custom JavaScript plugin needed for my app. I would need it done within 6 weeks. I have all of the details laid out clearly and would be happy to share them in an interview. I have mockups and exactly functionality I am looking for. Must be comfortable signing NDA.

It is complex but the logistics make sense. I have a template JavaScript code someone started building for reference but the task ended up being too difficult for them to complete. Not interested in agencies as much as I am independent JavaScript plugin x experts.

Please contact me here or at [email protected]


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Hey Adam! Let’s chat!! I’ve built a couple moderately complicated plugins. Love to hear what you’re taking about, I may be able to help out!

@adammiko10 Hi Adam, could you please provide detailed requirements and budget?

@adammiko10 hey did you ever get your plugin built on bubble. I might need someone to do something similar for my web app. Let me know. Thanks.