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Custom QR code Generator [New Plugin by EzCode]

Its not visible on the Page after triggering the Workflow.

In the editor it is working fine:

I cant share the editor since I have a simple licence (is there another way except making the editor public?)

It seems like another QR Code Plug in has a TypeError as well: [New Plugin] Colour QR Code Generator

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Hey Sir, you can add [email protected] as collaborators with no plan so we can help you

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Wired, I made an extra Page to show you an now it is working! On the test page and also on the previous buggy page. Never mind :slight_smile:

One thing I have seen, The autorun value was on “ja” which is German for yes. German is the primary language on my PC. I clicked it once and it changed to “yes” and afterwards it worked.

Nice to hear that it is working now!

It is from @Bubble side, not plugin related, however it should not affect the functionality.

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Update v.1.3

You can now control the error correction, L,M,Q or H.

L - 7%, M - 15%, Q - 25%, H - 30%.
Raising this level improves error correction capability but also increases the amount of data QR Code size.
Select L for large amount of data, and H for small amount.

Read more about it here: Error correction feature | | DENSO WAVE