Custom scrollbar in new responsive engine?

Most of the custom scrollbar plugins that previously worked for the old responsive engine no longer works with the new responsive engine. Has anyone found a working plugin for the new responsive engine? Or even any custom css that works for both scrollbars?

Many thanks!

Hi @phetxdphet,

You can easily customize your scrollbar using HTML and CSS with the HTML element on your page. See this website on how to customize your scrollbar using HTML and CSS: scrollbar | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

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Hi @johnny - thanks for the reply! I’ve tried embedding the custom CSS like that before but I can never seem to adjust the width in the new reponsive engine - what am I doing wrong?

Here’s an example of my RG layout if that helps:

Do you have elements in the repeating group?

Yep I have a group in each repeating group cell (screenshot below)

I believe it’s because your group inside is fixed width, so Bubble is thinking that there’s nothing to expand further. Try unchecking fixed width and trying a column container layout instead.

Its just the width part that I cannot change, other css styling works fine - heres the result of no layout restrictions for group inside the RG & the corresponding CSS


Oh. The width of the scrollbar? You can try using !important for webkit-scrollbar

It still doesn’t work unfortunately - although it does work on the old responsive engine