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Custom state calculation - how to


I’m trying to set a value for a custom state, based on another custom state value and I would like to use a kind of “switch structure” - for those familiar with standard coding.

To be more specific:

  • if customState1 is between 0 and 10, custom State2 must be set to 1
  • if customState1 is between 11 and 15, custom State2 must be set to 2
  • if customState1 is greater than 15, custom State2 must be set to 3

How can I do that in Bubble ?

Thanks for your help.

I’m not sure if I did the right thing but here’s what I did, it may help other people :

  • I created an input on my page that I mage invisible
  • Inside this input I created my conditional rules, based on the conditions I explained above. For example if custom state is <= 10 then the input default value is 1, and so on
  • Finally I use workflow to set my new custom state value, which is the default value of the input

I hope my explanations are clear. If you know any other better way, please tell me, but this one is working.

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