Custom state changes will leave blank spaces

Hello community !

I’ve started a single page app with sections showing when my “index page” has X or Y, etc. custom states.
It’s a private diary where you can write about your dates (or friends). It’s not a social network. The “current user” creates his own contacts. In these screenshot, Jessica is the current user and has created 3 contacts : David, Thomas, and Will.

Here’s the homepage when I load the app (everything’s fine):

This is the structure :

But when I navigate in my app, ie. I go to my “contact’s entries group” and then go back to my homepage, I got a blank space that is proportional to the contact’s entries’ repeating group.

I noticed that it happens only when I navigate to this page (one’s contact’s entries) and go back to my homepage:

I tried to use different workflows to show/hide each of the repeating groups but I can’t get rid of that blank space.

I wonder if it’s because the two repeating groups are overlapping on the index page.

I tried to hide the “contact’s entries’ repeating group” immediately upon clikcing on the home button, and add a pause before showing the “homepage’s repeating group” but it doesn’t solve my problem.

Would anyone know what’s happening? Thanks!

Here’s my landing page if you would want to understand how the app works / what’s about or even try it out:

It’s probably to do with the way you’ve laid out your groups in the editor…

If your groups are on top of one another (i.e. overlapping or taking up the same space on the page in the editor) then whenever you show a taller group, the page will adjust it’s height to the height of that group, and will stay at that height until a taller group is displayed.

If you want the page height to re-adjust automatically, you need to make sure all of your groups are ‘stacked’ one above the other in the editor, with each one set to collapse it’s height when not visible.

In other words, where the first group ends, the next one start, and so on - then the rendered page height will adjust to fit whichever group is currently displayed, without any blank space underneath, even if the previously displayed group was taller.

There are quite a few posts here on the forum explaining it in more detail, so if you need clarification have a search through some of the older posts.

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Thanks so much! Your explanation was useful!

I used a “collapse when not visible” and it solved it!

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