Custom State List / Multi Select In multi RG / Condition


I m looking to find a solution with my Custom States set on Multi Repeating Group.
I have a MultiGroup Selection for Region /countries, my toggle check action is working, and I can see the State showing on top.

  • Region (RG)
    Country (RG)
  • Region

Issue with the condition:

If I select some countries or at least one country in the first region group, the region is auto-ticked, If I remove all Countries selected, the Parent Group Region is auto-unticked correctly.

when I select extra Countries from the Second Group Region, once one country is added to my selection, Parent group is auto-ticked and Custom States is correctly added with Region & Country(ies) , So Custom States is showing full list of Region and Contries selected.

Issue appears when I unselect all countries from a Second Region, this Second Region remains Ticked and is not removed from Custom State.

The worflow setup :

On Unselect Country: 2 separate workflows to Set Custom State:
One is removing the country from State.
The second is removing the Region from the State upon Condition. I think the issue is the condition here.

The conditions in place currently:


I know this condition is working if I only use one Group Region, but if I still have some other Countries from different regions selected and present in Custom State, then this condition fails.

I tried to use : only when Popup…(state) selected_countries doesn’t contain Parent Group Country
But not working. I tried with both and “AND” operator, but no luck.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Thank you.

The fix depends on the setup. Nice to see the front end!

Looking at how things are programmed in the backend may help folks here provide suggestions for a fix including myself of course. :smiley:

Thank you for your reply , sure with the code it would be helpful :wink:
Was my first post and my brain was stuck on this issue since few hours…

Now the first issue has been fixed and I have updated the details.

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