Custom state lists to rows in DB

I have a form for expenses where users input date, cost, and comments. Whan i click a button I want these entries to be displayed in a repeating group, allowing users to add or delete as many rows as required. Upon hitting another button “submit,” I aim to save all rows as records in my expenses table, which has corresponding fields.

I attempted using custom state lists for date, cost, and comments, with a button to save each state. While I successfully displayed entries in a repeating group and enabled deletion, I’m struggling to figure out how to create a new record in the table, ensuring the correct data is added to the respective fields in the database.

Any guidance on achieving this would be greatly appreciated.

Make it simple. As a row is added by user add it to DB and when user deletes row remove it from DB.

Took advise and created a session id using user id and current date stamp , easy to recover the data , thanks. Sometimes try to reinvent the wheel and get stuck in a rabbit hole making more complex.

I don’t think my advice had anything to do with a session id but if it works for you…

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