Custom state names not clearly visible in element inspector

Custom states, the variables that are the most important to developers in Bubble can’t be visually distinguished if the name is too long. Given that we can’t leave code comments when the variables are declared (a standard, almost essential best practice for coding), descriptive names help when setting custom states in very complex pages.

Unless you click into the field and then scroll the cursor, you can’t see which one is which here:

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 11.49.22 AM

It’s not a bug. Unless you mean bug as in annoying as a mosquito then yes it’s extremely annoying.

As a workaround i have different groups to store different state types. For example #data to store data states, #loading to store loading states.

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Interesting approach. Where do you put those groups… at the bottom of the page?

I store page states at the top level because there is no visual indication or list that I can find anywhere that shows you where they are stored. (For example, there could be an icon in the elements tree which shows up if an element has a custom state attached to it)

Also, posting this here was intended as a joke. I have numerous items submit to the ideaboard / ideas forum. Not one suggestion, nor have much of the most important fundamental ones I saw in there have ever made it from there into the app…

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