Custom state not visible

Dear Bubble Community,

I am struggling a lot with a reusable element and would need help to figure it out.

I have this reusable element with 4 custom states set up at the level of the reusable element.

When I am using the reusable element on my page, I can’t use it in workflow:

I wanted to have access to this custom state in my main page and was on the point to create this workflow:
When page_custom_state is not re_custom_state: set page_custom_state = re_custom_state.

Any Ideas ?

Thanks in advance,


Custom states in a reusable that you want to share with the page must be on the outermost group. That’s all. Try it.

Unfortunately it is already the case.
You can see the Reusable Icon Row highlighted in blue on the left.

I have figure it out…
It looks like when the RE is part of a hidden group the custom state is not available to the page…

My bad. It looks like the custom state is not available because it is in a RG