Custom State Repeating Group Multiple Database Submissions

Hi there, @bryan.beneker… long story short, check out @adamhholmes’ response in this thread (good stuff, Adam) to get an understanding of why you will likely want (or in your case, need, I think) to create the entries in the LockerRegistration data type each time the form is completed. I guess there could be a path to doing what you have described by having a handful of custom states that are all lists and then trying to create things in the LockerRegistration data type by parsing the lists to grab the pieces that make up a single registration. But, even if that’s possible (or even if you can do it some other way that I am not familiar with), nothing is going to be as straightforward as creating the thing when the form is completed. If the user changes their mind, they have an easy path to removing a registration (and you can easily delete it from the data type), so if it was me, I would very likely go this route.

Anyway, maybe someone will come along and give you a path to do exactly what you have described (who knows, maybe it’s simple and my brain just ain’t working right tonight), but if not, then I hope this response helps.