Custom state value is not displaying in repeating group + not saving in database

Hello everyone,

So I am trying to save a custom state’s value in my database and I pretty much got it figured out in a different app than my main one due to testing purposes.

I followed this video and it saved me a bunch.

However, the problem that I am facing right now is when I tried implementing the method onto my main app, the custom state’s value is not being displayed onto my repeating group SELECTED, let alone not saving it in the database.

Firstly, let me quickly mention the slight differences between my successfully tested run on a different app and current run in my main app. As you can see below, I have used the ionic elements plugin in order to use the checkbox feature and followed each step in the video provided above to save the custom state’s value, not temporarily, but saved in my database.

  1. Tested_Run_1
    ionic checkbox is displaying

  1. tested_run_2 3. Untitled 2
    custom state’s value is displaying in second repeating group SELECTED

  1. tested_run_3
    custom state’s value is saved in database

As you can see, it worked well.

However, in my main app, the ionic checkbox was not displaying (as for bubble’s checkbox, it was functioning poorly so I could not use it) so I had to resort to creating my own custom checkbox similarly to this video.

However, I still kept the ionic checkbox (unchecked when a page is loaded) even if it was not visible in order to use it for my next step. Basically, when a user clicks on the custom checkbox (This is also unchecked when the page is loaded) it will hide the custom checkbox “unchecked” and show custom checkbox “checked”.

  1. Current_run_1
    the “text” element is there for me to generally see if the ionic checkbox’s preset status is changing, I will explain more below how its checking that

  1. current_run_2

Furthermore, whether the custom checkbox’s visible state is “checked” or “unchecked”, it has an effect on the ionic checkbox as shown below.

  1. current_run_3

The preset status of the ionic checkbox changes depending on the custom checkbox’s visible “state”, I tested it out using “text” element and it changes accordingly as shown in previous images.

That is the only difference really and even though the ionic checkbox preset status changes accordingly with my custom checkbox, the custom state’s value is not being displayed in the second repeating group.

  1. current_run_4

If anybody can help me out and provide some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

there are various things that might be going wrong here. Reading through what you described, it gets a bit confusing with having a custom checkbox and the iconic checkbox in the same repeating group…at least that is the impression I am under as to what is happening and it seems that you were doing this because the custom checkbox doesn’t work properly and are resorting to trying to get the iconic checkbox to send the data to custom state while your custom checkbox is visible to the user.

  1. Make sure your data types are set up correctly, in all places. Custom state, R.G. data type and source need to be of same datatype.

  2. Your custom checkbox group should have the same datatype with data source as current cell’s thing ( whatever data type it is ).

Looks like you are working with amenities of a condo complex…so lets call the data type amenities.

Custom state is of type amenities. R.G. is of type amenities with a data source of “search for amenities”.

Custom checkbox is of type amenities with data source of current cell’s amenity.

Workflow when checkbox is checked should be “set state amenity” value equals parent groups amenity ( or it might be current cell’s amenity )…that should get your custom state set correctly.

Your R.G. you wan the selected amenities ( ie: those in custom state ) needs to have data type of amenity with a data source of “custom state amenity’s amenity list”. Make sure the R.G. has a text box set to “current cell’s amenity”

That should do it.

If not, open your editor to anybody can view and I could take a look to see what is wrong.

If what I described isn’t a fix, it might be your custom checkbox is set up incorrectly. If that is the case it needs to have a “containing group” that you set the data type to amenity with data source of current cell’s amenity.

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