Custom states and parent/child issues

I have a feature in my app that is called ‘Nearest Appointments’.

I need to show a green group(transparent background) when the checkbox is checked and button ‘Finished’ is clicked, so that:

button clicked → green group → pause → Changes in the DB

I do not know how to set state or how to workaround so that I can show the green group after the button is clicked. I tried to set condition and show WHEN button is clicked, but I need AFTER button is clicked.

I’m not sure I completely follow your question, but in my app I show a RG after a button is clicked by:

  1. Having that RG hidden upon page load (by unchecking the box "This element is visible on page load)
  2. In the workflow for my button, I create an action to show the RG.

In addition, you can create a condition in your workflow to only execute if the checkbox is checked.