Custom States in an RG is based on the index, not the cells thing, BUG?

I have a Repeating Group with 3 tabs (buttons) within a cell, clicking on a tab changes the value of a state on the tabs parent group which is in the cell.

Then, a text box shows different text info from current cells thing based on the tab selection (or state value)

BUT, i noticed that when there are changes to the RG count, the cells will takeover the custom states from the ones they replace.

EXAMPLE: If the RG count is 2 items, #1 is Set to Custom State value A, and #2 is Set to Custom State value B, and now #1 was removed by user, the result will be that the thing that was in #2 takes over #1, and also takes over its Custom State value A.

Which is totally not what i wanted, i want to keep the Custom State from this thing as it was set on #2

Ahh thank god somebody with the same problem. Did you ever solve this? I’m having the same problem and it’s a big deal for me right now.