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Custom states on tablet question

My app works great on a computer but on a tablet (using chrome as the browser) when I transition from group-to-group (using custom states for my transitions) my groups show up blank without any content in them… If I turn the tablet portrait style then back to landscape style the content appears… Anyone ever experience this? is there a work around?

What exactly do you mean by the quote above, do you mean when a user clicks a groups, you set the state to a value and then the other groups use a conditional visibility on this to determine if they should be visible or not?

Basically… Depending on what button they click, it will trigger a custom state that triggers the visibility of a different group. The groups have different content in them. Again, works great on a computer, but on a tablet the group becomes visible… minus the content inside the group. What makes it even more strange is if you turn the tablet the content appears in the group… By “turn” I mean if you’re holding the tablet landscape style and change it to portrait style the content appears and then you can move it back to landscape style and still see the content. Really stumped on this.

Take a look at my tab demo here; does it do the same or does it work fine

no it doesn’t, however those states are all housed inside one group, that is working for me as well. Let me elaborate further. I had an app with multiple pages… navigating around had devastating lag time from page-to-page (pretty common with bubble) So I took each page and put a group around the entire page… I then moved all those groups (pages) to one page and I now navigate from “page-to-page” by going from group-to-group via-custom states… Again, this has worked amazing on the computer but is acting wonky on tablets… the fact that when I adjust the ipad the content becomes visual is really the biggest head scratcher… what is the correlation there? I’ll just keep tinkering with it.

What you have built is called a single page application.

Why don’t you use a single state at the page level and give it a value of the ‘name’ for the page you want to view. All groups would that refer that single state.

That’s exactly what I did… The problem still exists on tablets… only tablets. I’m creating a work-around right now…

If there is a genuine bug, then it is maybe something that needs fixed by bubble rather than workarounds.

Yeah, I removed all the custom states and changed my groups to hide/show rules and it’s still doing this… We need this to run on tablets because thats how our facilities hand the software out. @emmanuel can you look into this please?

You should raise a formal bug_report if you think there definitely is one. This forum is for discussion of potential bugs, but should be formally raised through the bug report form. Link in the Help menu of the editor, or bottom of the bubble website.

Can you share a link to the app (in the editor if possible)? When you view the page in responsive at the width of a tablet does it show the same behavior?

I filed it as a bug… I’ll share that stuff later. Thanks as always, Faye!

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