Custom UI Element - Planner Tool

I want to create an element whose data source will be a list of places, and these will be displayed in a table/grid like fashion with columns as days (Day 1, Day 2 …) and rows as slots (Morning, Afternoon, Evening). Each object/element within a grid should be moveable, meaning the user can drag it around and place it in another cell within the grid. There would also be some click through actions like a popup when the user clicks on an object within the cell etc.
Does anyone have experience building such a feature, or any known plugin that can support this kind of a use case?
Looking forward to buying the implementation or a plugin if available.
Thanks in advance for your response.

Hey barijit,
I can code this for you, but to save you some money (I never was the best salesman :sweat_smile:):
Would this meet your requirements:

It uses a free plugin made by Bubble called Draggable Elements and the video doesn’t include the full tutorial, but you can read the rest in this blog post: How To Build A Trello Clone Without Writing Code
It should be able to do what you described and it’s free.

Hi Andrej,
I have sent you a pm at your mail id. Kindly check.
Thanks for your quick response.