Custom User URL's

Sorry I confused you. I thought you just couldn’t find how to get to “Get path from page url”. I was just using a text element to show you how to get the expression.

One way to do this with the URL is to add a big group to the page and set it to type = user, source = “search for User’s (username = get path from url) :first item” . Put all of your page elements inside the group.

Now, the group is referencing a user record whose username is in the path of the url. Everything inside the group refers to the “Parent group’s user.” For example, an image’s dynamic file would = “Parent group User’s image”

What you’re currently doing is passing a user record to the page, which is how Bubble “likes it,” but it forces the unique ID in the url. So you need to pass/retrieve the user data a different way if you want the clean url you’re looking for.

Make sure to remove the “type” from the page properties if you’re going to go with the path method.

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