Custom Validation Rules for Input Fields

I’m facing a challenge with implementing custom validation rules on an input field in my “invite new user” form. I have a field where the user can choose to grant access to different modules in my application. However, due to my licensing model, I have a restriction that allows up to 10 users on one of the modules.

Specifically, I’m wondering how I can prevent the user from adding more than 10 users for a particular module.

Does anyone of you have experience implementing custom validation rules for such

I think this is a UX question. I would suggest that when 10 people have already been invited you hide the form and show a message like your plan is capped to 10 users, upgrade for more".

To achieve this you could have a custom state on the page with 2 values: invite_opened / invite_blocked.
Then conditionally show/hide the form/message based on the value of that state.
You could use the “Do when condition is true” “Just once” to trigger the state change.

Let me know if it helps!

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Yes, that was a good idea. However, I have two levels. They can invite 10 users to the main solution. But in some cases, my customers may have, for example, only 5 extra licenses for an additional module. Only 5 of the users should have access to this module.

They are free to move the 5 licenses among 5 different employees, but never more than 5.

In this case, the user limit is 10, but the extra module limit is 5. For this reason, I thought it would be better to impose an invalid condition on the assignment of this module. This way, they can still invite up to 10 users even if the 5 module licenses are used up.

If you want to be able to switch the licenses between different users I would suggest to have a screen to manage licenses for each module. In this screen you could display who are the 5 people assigned to the 5 licenses and switch them around from here.
Something like this

You can still allow them to invite 10 people to the main solution and use my suggestion from above when to handle the 10+.

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