Customer Address Plugin?


Does anyone know how to best manage customer addresses in Bubble? I cannot get Google API to work as expected.

Standard Address format for UK is address line 1, 2, 3 and Post Code for example. I have two user cases:

  1. Allow user to add a shipping address to their account.
  2. Allow users to list a product for sale with a location associated (this seems simple) however I would want to limit to show the general location rather than their true residential address for security purposes. I believe this can be Google API and associated APIs to retrieve distance from another users location. Ideally I would want to limit this to Post Code which is equivalent to Zip Code for the US.

How do others manage user address and holding them in their Databases?


Did you try google place API ? You can specify a country and the address is then formatted accordingly
At least I thinks so, you can see how it formats addresses with my address plugin and if it suits you I can help you settup google api in the same way