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Customer database help, how to save multiple inputs and display them in a container on a separate page

I’m trying to build a simple customer database, where I am able to enter in information such as name, phone number, and email, and then hit save and have it show up in a box with columns and rows on a different page. I understand from the tutorials how to do this with one input field (using the shopping list tutorial), but I am getting hung up on the multiple inputs, and having them display in a container.

If I understand you correctly, you want an input form that creates an entry on a “customer” table. And once this is created you want this to show up in a list of customers ? This customer table will have several inputs.

This would be a repeating group. You tell the repeating group via “Search for” to pull back the customers, and you place a text box for each field your want to display in the cell in the repeating group.

Then you tell the text box to display the “Current Cell’s xxxxxxxxxx” where xxxxxx is the field on the table.

So here I am showing 4 fields from a table in the Repeating Group cell.

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