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Customer experience poor with slower connection

I’m in the final stages of user acceptance testing only to find that a large number of users experience “white screens” where elements should be and pop-ups not showing.
I don’t experience the problem because I’m on a high-speed internet connection.
If you check my internet speed at the top screen-shot and a typical customer’s speed below that you’ll see the difference in speed.
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Here’s my speed.

and here’s a client’s speed

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Has anyone else experienced this problem?

You can load a page with the developer console open on the “network” tab and watch resources load. It could be that you are losing a lot on each page and that could be slowing things down.

Could be a single plugin loading a lot of resources.

Many thanks for the suggestion Jared.

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yes, me
so thanks Jared for the help you provided

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