Customise the structure of repeating group

I want to create a Brick Wall like structure of options in repeating group.

I have created an option set of news categories. I want user to select news categories of his interest. Here i am using RG to show the news categories. But there you can only use vertical or horizontal alignments. And i don’t want that. I have also tried with responsive structure, but no result.

I have one final option that is to use normal container instead of RG and create btns, structure them randomly and give them workflows for each category but it will increase my number of workflows for same type of content.

so any other solution is there?

for reference. each brick represents one news category.

It seems that the only way to build this brick wall like structure is to manually assign the categories to normal container and repeat this action.

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Hey @samsonlcl ,

i think the same, there is no other way to do it.
Thank you for the response.

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