Customize some aspects of reusable element

Hi there - I am trying to make a reusable element that is still customized, for instance, we are wanting to filter what’s in the reusable element by a parent element. Is it possible to have a different parent element for each repeatable element?

Please share more details with screenshots. Someone surely will help.

It is a repeating group with a list and the list has references linked to another table. I would like the dropdown which is repeating group B (ie repeatable element) to collapse. I have to do this several times on the same page and would like to update the UX and/or most of it at once instead of doing it multiple times.

Create some states inside the reusable that will hold your filter information, and apply those states as your filters to your repeating group inside the reusable.

To set those states from the outer page (in each context) you then have two options:

  1. Create a custom event inside the reusable that has as many arguments on it as conditions that you need to pass from the outer page into the reusable. Inside that custom event you’ll use Set state to set those states to the arguments each time the event is run. Back on the outer page, trigger that custom event from some event: click, when something is true etc.
  2. Alternatively you can directly set the states on the reusable in each context that it sits via a workflow that - like with (1) - runs off of some event on the page.

We use both of the above methods to achieve what you’re trying to do here.

I am not sure how to set the state to go along with the group and/or the repeating group in orange here. Do I set it from this Group B conditional or…?

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