Customized API URL

Has anyone used a “middleman” API per se to have a more user-friendly API URL for their app? I was thinking something like a service that calls your Bubble API (that you configure with them) whenever you call their API. I don’t know if that makes sense, but really I’m just trying to make a more concise API URL (

Has anyone actually achieved this with a thrid-party service? If so, what service did you use? Thanks.

Just make a redirect then. (But note you’ll break version-test/version-live. You’ll have to set up multiple redirects if that’s important.) See Settings.

Didn’t work… when I do the redirects through Bubble, it gives me a “404 Not Found” error; when I do it through my DNS (Cloudflare Page Redirects), it tells me that the request must be POST even though it’s set as POST in the Postman editor. Thank you though, I do appreciate it.