Customized Input field as Reusable element

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I have created a custom design for an input field and converted it into a reusable element to use on multiple pages.

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However, how can I:

  1. Set which of the buttons should be the default choice?
  2. If I choose, for example, button 1 - how do I send this information to my database?

Either custom states or reusable element properties

use the workflow actions for either create a new thing or make changes to a thing and use the value of your choice be the value of the data field you want to update on the data type you are either creating or making changes to

Property is new for me, I tried something like this:

Does it look like I´m on the right track?

Yes, but you need to select the field type that is the same type of data you have for the default value…the reason the expression for default value is red is because it is not of the same type that the Field type is set to.

I think they are the same.

My Repating Group:

My Button inside the Repating Group:

My Reusable Element:

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