Customized reset_pw process, please help!

Hi guys, I’m having issus when trying to send the token to the reset_pw page.

Just some background: I’m making the process using SMS api instead email. I’ve created the logic to verify the code sent via SMS and redirect the user to the reset_pw page. When doing that, I’m creating the token (not sending email) , and then sending the user to reset_pw page with reset parameter as a result of the token creation step.

When testing, it says that the request in not valid.

Could you please help me on that? Thanks in advance.


Hi there @vitorbgaspar,

I’d in the text:

Step 1: Send Password reset email → Just make token, don’t send email
Step 2: [INSERT: WEBSITE HOME URL]reset_pw?reset= [STEP 1’S RESULT]

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