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Customizing website json file

Hey guy I want to convert my website into a mobile app using jasonette.
Jasonette requires a json string of the website eg""

“$jason”: {
“body”: {
“background”: {
“type”: “html”,
“url”: “”,
“action”: {
“type”: “$default”

My question is, is there anyway to customize features on the mobile app but not the website.

For example: if i do not want to include a navigation in the mobile app that is coded on my website.
Is there anyway to restrict certain parts of the website this.

Hey @adrianjohn1993, welcome to Bubble!

I’d check out this thread, you may have a better chance at finding/asking what you’re looking for.

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Hi @adrianjohn1993, Also welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

More specifically requires a file with the URL link of your site. In the development of your website, you can add an iOS and Android detection plugin to hide unwanted menus and make others appear. No need for native navigation.


thank you very much