Cycling between Index and Resume= - How do I troubleshoot?

Hi there,

I’m having some issues after setting up email verification in my app. After the verification completes, it’s routing to the index page, but starts cycling between index and a “resume” session call repeatedly.

Here’s the part that throws me: when I put in the usual ?debug_mode=true in my URL, the site stops cycling and behaves the way I intend it.

Any recommendations on how I can troubleshoot given this unusual behavior?

Thanks for your help in advanced.

Hi Zaque,

maybe you have already done this but in case you have not I recommend going on your test mode and using the step by step debugger at the bottom.
Then reloading it and seeing if any workflows lead to this site redirection.
Some things I can think of that lead to redirects (page change if you are or are not admin or logged in, especially coming from a reusable element).

2020-07-07 15_11_18-Window

2020-07-07 15_11_03-Window

Thanks @TipLister

I’ve done this. That’s what’s so crazy - it’s actually working properly when I turn on the debug mode and run through it step by step, which is leading me to think the issue may be based upon parallel event triggering (which is why i’m seeing different outcome when debug mode is on), but I’m at a loss as to what is going on exactly.

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