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Dabate list question

Hi, I’m creating my own system for creating sports tournaments and a very basic calendar but I’m stuck on one thing that is probably very simple but I haven’t managed to solve.

I have created a database where I store the following things:

  • Price (integers only).
  • Name (text)
  • Date
  • Divisions (list of text)

And in the last thing I just mentioned (divisions) is where my problem comes because in a single tournament several divisions are played on the same day so the amount of divisions I create are stored in a single cell of the database.

Now what I want is that a person can register in one or several divisions of the same tournament but when making the registration form for the tournament, I want that in a dropdown the divisions are saved one by one and not all at the same time in a single selection.

I leave some example images and I hope you can understand me.

Create another datatype called ‘divisions’ and then on your ‘tournament’ data type have divisions as a list of divisions instead of a list of text :slight_smile:

That way if you need to also hold other data related to a particular division you can :slight_smile:

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