Daily Video Conference Duration

I am using the Daily Video Conference Plugin to create video conferences between users. I need a way to get the duration from the daily API to return the the duration of the video call in minutes.

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Hey @anon45329125!

There is a meeting information data source that comes with the plugin. It will return the duration in seconds so be sure to divide it by 60. Here’s a demo of that setup

It’s not currently available as an action but if you need it here’s a demo of the API call set up.

Duration is the value you’ll want to save. Let me know if you have any additional questions!


This is a great answer, thank you. How can I dynamically pass the room name to the api call? I want to be able to find the duration of a specific call by setting a workflow on a button labeled “Get Duration”. Thank you, again.

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Hey @anon45329125!

Yep, you can reference dynamic data or a variable in the property editor. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like

and then you can display data to update the variable from the workflow editor

I updated the demo editor to highlight this approach


Hi Lola (@lola), thank you very much for all your contributions, they are of great value for those of us who are implementing with Bubble + Daily.co.

I have an implementation using your plugin and I am adding other functionalities using the Daily API call, including the one you describe to get the Room utilization information and the sessions that have been created inside the Room (The Meeting).

My use case charges users for the time they use in a Video Call, i.e. I need to get the total usage time that Daily.co is going to charge me for a Video Call in a given Room and for all the participants that were in that Meeting.

I understand that the information provided by the Meeting call remains only as long as the Room and the Participants exist, that is, until the Room is deleted when it expires or is deleted using the Delete Room action.

What would be your recommendation to implement this use case?

The information provided by the API call using:



Does it give me reliably all the information to calculate the total time of use of the video call associated to a meeting and its participants?

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Hey @luis4! The meeting session should still exist when the room expires, users just won’t be able to rejoin the room.

The /meeting endpoint should be all you need especially if rooms will not be used for other cases.

You’ll also want to set a meeting token for the participants when they join the room so that you can identify them after the fact. You can set a meeting token and user ID with the “Daily - create meeting token action”

So basic steps would be

  1. set a meeting token when the user joins the room so you can identify them later
  2. When you need the duration call the /meetings API and then sum duration for the user ID that you set for the user in step 1

Do note that the API returns the time in seconds so make sure to transform that unit accordingly for your cost calculations.

Also, when you initialize the call make sure you do so for a room that already has had participants so the data structure is there!


Thank you @lola for your prompt response.

It is clear to me how to proceed taking into consideration what you say.

I will move forward in the implementation with your considerations and I will comment the results as soon as I have them.

Hello Lola…

I have implemented the process of obtaining the information from the Meeting Session information successfully.

Thanks for your help.

Just to share some aspects to take into consideration.

We noticed that a Meeting can have multiple sessions for different participants, depending on whether they disconnect and reconnect.

So you have to consider this in the process of obtaining the session information to be able to know for example how long a certain user was connected, since you have to add up the time of all the sessions of that user in a given meeting.