Dan Smolkin~UseSixty, Bubble Help

This is long over due, I have had the occasion to use Dan from UseSixty in the past, most recently it was a holiday weekend. Dan thought his calendar turned off, but it wasn’t and I was able to book a time, he sent me an email stating he thought his calendar was off, and asked if it was urgent, I told him it was, and he kept the appointment.

I have used Dan 3 or 4 times, I can say with certainty that he operates with integrity and most importantly knows what he is doing. He has not only fixed things for me, but he also taught me along the way which was really helpful. On another occasion Dan cut the session short because he thought my money may be better spent with another company. He reached out to them and explained the issue and gave me a warm intro.

I will continue to use Dan when issues arise! If your in need of some help, Dan is well worth the money!


@freehold2018 thanks for the shout out and kind words. I really appreciate it!

As I’m coaching people on Bubble, I try to approach things from a founder’s perspective and help creators do what’s best for their own apps.

Part of what I love about having sessions is that I’ve gotten to work with people on every continent (well, except Antartica) It’s really exciting to see how Bubble is being used across the world for so many different use cases.