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Dark Mode: Come to the dark side

In thinking of the ADA with this: A dark mode for the bubble editor would be Most Excellent! The bright white is destructive on the eye (it’s mind blowing how many sites use bright white). And seeing how many people stare at the screen all day, it would be a healthy choice to create a dark mode. Extend vision life, reduce strain, and permanent eye damage.

This coming from an individual with life long eye issues: dark mode is far better than light on the health and longevity of eye sight. Please put this in as an option, as none of the browser dark mode plugins work well with bubble.

Also, the “light gray on a darker gray” on the floating menu(s) in the editor… is very tough on the eyes. An “almost white” text wold be far better here.

I hope you will come to the dark side Bubble… but as far as I know, I am not your father.

– Marty


In thinking about the ADA with this: A dull mode for the air pocket proofreader would be Generally Great! The splendid white is damaging on the eye (it’s awe-inspiring the number of locales utilize brilliant white). What’s more, perceiving the number of individuals gaze at the screen throughout the day, it would be a solid decision to make a dull mode. Expand vision life, decrease strain, and lasting eye harm.

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I believe the new editor (which hopefully will arrive soon) is dark by default. It looks very similar to webflow or photoshop.

Based on the “leaked” images that are floating around the forum.

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That would be sweet if true.

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