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Darker Text on Documentation

Could you darken the text color on the (very nice) documentation?
The current color is fine for short items (like a footer), but is more difficult to read in large blocks (body text).

Thank You!

You mean documentation at

Yes for both and the user manual.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll do that in the coming days.


Just pushed that, let us know what you think :slight_smile:


Much better.
It is still on the light side for body text (48% luminosity), but much less of a strain.

Thank you!

Nice to see changes that fast :slight_smile: Still I agree with @mtnboy that its a little too bright still, some strain. Just imagine for visually limited individuals.

Some input on color/text contrast recommendations:

Tried again… Should be better now

Looks Great with 30% Luminosity!

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Perfect :smiley:

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