Dashboard functionality

Hi Guys how can I make a dashboard functional and create pages that don’t redirect outside the Dashboard?

To create a dashboard with all sections on one page you will want to use custom states.

Double click outside the dashboard page you created in Bubble and a popup will appear for that page.

You will see an “i” icon click the “i” icon and you will now see an area for creating custom states

I recommend you create a custom state called “menu” of data type “text” now you want to reference this state with the following

bubbpagename’s “menu” is “xxxxxx”

Where xxxxxx is whatever the current value is of that state

You can use the set a state action in the workflow editor, select element “bubblepagename”

Select the state to modify in this case “menu”

Now set it equal to whatever value you want for example “overview”

And then use a condition on a group which contains all of the “overview” contents on that page

make sure to uncheck “this element is visible on page load”

and under conditions on that element set it to when currentbubblepagename’s “menu” is “overview”

this element is visible

Now do the same for each of the other pages on that particular page

Hope that helps!

You can find more Bubble tutorials here:


hi thank you for your response, however im really failing to make the whole dashboard functional, the only thing i can do is display the 1st state.

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