Data aggregation - Help creating a table with "counts"


I need help with organizing my data by counts.

CONTEXT: I’m creating an “analytics” page where admin users can see in different graphs how our site is doing and how our data is being organized.

(Example: this past month, our customers: 30% searched for red cars, 20% searched blue cars, and 50% searched yellow cars)

PROBLEM: Our list of searches, which creates an entry every time a customer views a car on our website, is getting too heavy (loading time) for our graph to process “do a search for: car visits, with a constraint of created date: 's count”

QUESTION: is there a way to have Bubble create a chart that automatically counts the total visits of each type of car at the end of the day? So our new chart would just say “march 18 - red car - 20 searches total

And have this workflow log a new entry that keeps count of our searches at the end of each day? That way it’s easier to search: “How many customers searched for red cars on a given day?”

Appreciate any help!