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I am trying to make this page exactly what it looks like, a patient charting application.
When people click “New Patient” they fill out multiple fields and click “Register Patient.”
After they do this, it “Creates a new PatientInfo” (which is a data type).
The dropdown you see that says “Choose a Patient,” after a patient’s name is clicked,
I want it to open another popup that will have all the information that was submitted in the “Register Patient” step. I think I got it up to the point where it shows the popup, but I am stuck on “Data to Display.” The data I want it to display is that patients name, dob, address, and all of that information.

If this is too confusing, let me know.

  • Isaiah C.
  1. Make sure the patient info has been saved to the database properly.
  2. Make sure the dropdown displaying the patients name has the data type of ‘patientinfo’
  3. Make sure the popup data type is set to ‘patientinfo’ but leave the datasource empty.
  4. Add all the text elements needed to display the name, DOB, address etc. and have their datasource be ‘parentgroupspatientifo’
  5. Create a workflow when the drop down value is changed. Have the workflow events be display data and select the popup as the element to display the data into.
  6. Make the data displayed to be the drop downs value.

I was mocking this one up at the same time when Boston responded, so I will throw my slightly different version out here as food for thought.

If you set up your patient dropdown like this…


… and you set up your popup like this…

… then the only step you need in your workflow is to show the popup when the dropdown value is changed.

Anyway, just a slightly different way to go with it.


Highly appreciated! Thanks for the help! It worked.

If I wanted to make changes to the patient, (e.g. add complaints from recent appointments) would I just add that to the data? Or a better question could be; Does this method change automatically?

Thanks! I did everything this way too. The text elements is the major part I was messing up on.

Happy to hear that it worked for you! If you wanted to change the data that is displayed in the popup, you could have all of the fields be input fields (and you could add other input fields that correspond to other fields in the db), and you could have a save button that makes changes to a thing (the patient’s record in the db, of course). Does that make sense?

I think so. Let me try it real quick.

What would I change the workflow in order to save the changes in the input to that patient?

Let’s say my popup has an input field for notes and a button/icon to save those notes…


… then the workflow on the button would look like this…

So you are making changes to a thing, and that thing is the Parent group's Patient.

Make sense?

Holy moly, that makes me seem stupid. Thanks so much for the help.
I think that is all that I need to call this application finished! Highly appreciate it!

If you are about to finish an app, you are anything but stupid. :slight_smile:

Happy to help, Isaiah… best of luck!