DATA - Anything on the road map to make this "editor area" better?

I find this “editor area”, more often than not, slow to respond, inconsistent, refresh weirdness, updates erratic etc.

For instance this morning I have 88 entries, i keep hitting “load 50 more”, when I do it says displaying 0 entries - pretty frustrating. Then i hit delete entries and it shows deleting 42?!?

I’ve been working in/on bubble for about a year so I know at some point it will “correct” but it definitely ads to the dev time to complete something etc. its an unnecessary frustration on top of the issues I create on my own…

Honestly, I just avoid the whole thing at this point, except for the “Run As” command. I build my own dashboards as one of the first thing I do, it’s just faster and I can make the interface actually usable. I agree it’s not where it should be, but with so many other things to do, I’m personally okay with Bubble not prioritizing that area for a bit.

Hi Andrew,

Do you have an example to show? No worries if not, but I would be very interested to see how you are getting around it.


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Yes me too I never thought of building my own dashboard. I’d love to see it

I would also be interested, if you are willing to share.


I don’t have anything I could share at the moment, as the apps with the admin panels are client-paid apps, and they’re pretty picky about 1) not showing anybody anything (which I find ridiculous) and 2) Not letting anybody know their app is built on Bubble (also ridiculous).

In general, though, I build quick ways to let me get access to information, fix issues with data fields on individual users, or update content within the system. Say I’ve built a quiz, but for some reason, not all the users have all the questions. I build a tool that lets me see how many questions each user has, how many they’re supposed to have, and a button to manually add them.

I also tend to make these pages ugly as sin, since they aren’t user facing :slight_smile:

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