Data API basic auth

Dear Bubblers,

please I need help with Data API authentification. It’s possible to connect to Data API over basic auth (not token)?

Why I need it?
Because I need to create product/service with API for registered users. And I need show for User A only his data and for User B only his data.

Any idea, please?

You can make a backend workflow called “login” that takes email and password as parameter.

The workflow should contain a single step, “log the user in”. It should also be exposed so users can call it only

Users will the be able to call the backend workflow with their credentials which returns a token that they can use for 1 year.

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Hi Simon,

thank you for your answer. If I understand correctly, basic auth with Data API is not possible. But I can resolve it with creating Backend WF for my API, right?

Petr Majtán

Yes. For the end user it means updating a token once a year, and use that token instead of basic credentials when making a api call.

The endpoint could be actionable in the user front end so that they can create their token from your app

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