Data API Bulk Update?

I need to run a daily process that updates every record in on of our tables via the data API. There are currently about 1500 records, and it is growing.

Currently I do it by doing a PATCH request on each record.

In the docs at it says there is a “bulk api” but it is for creating new things. You can bulk update by importing a CSV, but it doesn’t really work for my use case.

Is there a way to use this API for bulk updating existing records?

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Would something like bulk operations work? This applies an API workflow for selected items in your database to modify and can run over an extended period of time.

Hmmm, mayyybe! I’ll investigate it - thanks for the tip!

How reliable is a bulk operation on a large number of entries? I tried to run a fairly simple one on a 750-item list and it seems to randomly skip around 10% of items. Is it better to schedule a workflow recursively?

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any answer on this in 2021?

I update 7000+ records every day via the Data API using Parabola.

Never had an issue.

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Any tips for easy mapping?

I’m looking for a straightforward way to update a 50 columns Google Sheet without too much mapping work, at least not for every upload.
I’ll have a look at Parabola.

Sadly Bubble and Parabola did half a job when they set up the integration.

Parabola knows what the Bubble fields are called, but won’t tell you until you type them wrong and try to run it. They then charge you for that!

Annoyances aside, it has been absolutely rock solid for 6 months now. And any issues have been my sloppiness.

aaah too bad :frowning:

Good news for the reliability though!

I was also considering a google app script to post the data directly from Google Sheet, not sure if it’s a bad idea…

I think Parabola must do something when posting to Bubble, maybe it has a particular throttle setting or something.

Pinging off calls to the Data API without a throttle would worry me. Gsheet scripe sounds like an interesting option :eyes:

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You could build an Express API for these kinds of tasks.

Looking it up :smiley:

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That kind of stuff

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